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About Bcash

Bcash is a project which is leading a global revolution when it comes to shifting the perspective a community has over how cryptocurrencies work and how it is utilized for payments. The project is aimed at providing millions of users access to a cryptocurrency that is light as well as accessible. It provides them with the ability to transfer thousands of transactions every second, a process that occurs with fees that are extremely low when compared to competing cryptocurrencies.

The primary goal here is for the Bcash cryptocurrency to be utilized for everyday payments and to be the global alternative that can be used for shopping, sales, or anything else that people spend their money regularly on, alongside featuring eCommerce support and functionality.

Bcash redefines what we know of the crypto world today because they were initially only accessible by cryptocurrency traders, typically experts in the field with much prior experience. Bcash is the beginning of a new kind of crypto sphere, accessible to everyone, no matter their level of knowledge or overall experience.

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A New Kind of Solution for A New User Base!

Bcash is redefining the way the everyday person perceives and utilizes the power of cryptocurrencies.


eCommerce Support

The project was built in full cooperation with eCommerce websites, which means that it will gain exposure to thousands of consumer products on the internet and can be utilized from the very launch. What this means is holders of the cryptocurrency will be able to purchase thousands of products on all of the platforms that support it as a payment option.


Business Use-Cases

Bcash is also utilized in all types of businesses on a global scale, and it follows an international standard that ultimately allows anyone to exchange the currency for any other global currency utilized.


Exchange Platform Support

The Bcash project was developed in collaboration with the exchange platform, which in turn provides users the opportunity to buy and sell the cryptocurrency and enables a high level of exposure to the community as a result of this.


Business and Community Benefits

The project allows its holders to receive unique benefits. Furthermore, merchants and business owners on a global scale can enjoy free advertising and an easy integration process of the cryptocurrency for their businesses.


Special Opportunities

The Bcash project essentially paves the way for a special opportunity when it comes to purchasing investment packages in pre-sale and ICO, which allows it to gain a rapid level of growth when it comes to the consumer community.


Solid Opportunity for Early Adopters

Those who jump into the project early are provided with an exceptional opportunity to purchase the currency for an extremely low starting price. Over time, as the cryptocurrency increases in value, so will the value of its initial investment.

Token Distribution

Join the industry leaders to discuss where the markets are heading. We accept token payments.

Start Time: August 2022
Blockchain establishment: September 2022
Blockchain network: Binance Smart Chain
Max supply: 3,000,000,000
Token Symbol: BCASH
Exchange Rate: 1 BCASH = $0.05
  • Founders - 24%
  • Step 1 - 8%
  • Step 2 - 8%
  • Step 3 - 8%
  • Step 4 - 8%
  • Step 5 - 8%
  • Step 6 - 8%
  • Developers - 10%
  • Business referral - 6%
  • Cash Back - 6%
  • Diamond credit system - 6%

Pre-sale steps

Step 1
Categories: A1-A5
Step 2
Categories: B1-B5
Step 3
Categories: C1-C5
Coming Soon
Step 4
Categories: D1-D5
Coming Soon
Step 5
Categories: E1-E5
Coming Soon
Step 6
Categories: F1-F5
Coming Soon


Be part of the next big change - Join the group of founders

The Bcash project gives you a special opportunity to be part of the foundation group.
Each founder receives 5 special benefits that are given exclusively to the group of founders.
1. Bcash coins purchase rate of $0.025.
2. 12 Years of revenue share in CosmosMarket.
3. 12 Years of revenue share in Neptunet Crypto Exchange.
4. 20% Referral fee for ICO packages.
5. 25% Business combination referral fee.

After the founder's steps end, the ICO steps will be open for pre-sale of Bcash coins without additional benefits!
The distribution of profits among all members of the founders group:
80% of all profits in and the Crypto Exchange, will be distributed among all the founders at the end of the ico period for 12 years.

Founders Signup

Use Bcash coin to buy online

The Bcash coin brings the cryptocurrency revolution to your home computer. Tens of thousands of products from all types of categories can be purchased right now through the online sales giant COSMOS MARKET The purchase is made using a "Bcash coupon" that can be purchased from your personal account in the Bcash project At a more advanced stage, a Bcash Business system will be opened, in which any business in the world will be able to accept the Bcash coin as a means of payment, and convert it to any currency it wants through the personal account in the Bcash project or through the Neptunet crypto exchange

Buying Guide Marketplace

You can buy the Bcash coin right now

The Bcash coin creates a global revolution in everything you have known so far in the field of crypto currencies
The Bcash coin project is spreading around the world according to the road map, and it has several stages - entry of founders, sale of ICO packages, entry of businesses, and more - in all these processes those who enter the project receive a package of Bcash coins at a very low price. in the Bcash coin project has a special addition that does not exist in any other currency issuance process in the world - it can be purchased right now through the Neptunet exchange - according to the market price To buy the Bcash coin, you need a wallet that supports the Bcash coin and operates on Binance smart network, (everyone who purchases Bcash coins in the various stages receives their coins at a much lower price than the market, but their coin package is closed until all stages of the project are finished

Bcash Wallet Guide Neptunet Exchange


The usage of cryptocurrencies is becoming a lot more widespread on a daily basis and is consistently becoming more accepted as a legitimate currency when it comes to transacting online or even in-store. Bcash aims to be at the forefront of this development.

Have Any Questions?

These are some of the most Frequently asked questions (FAQs) surrounding the Bcash projects, all of which feature answers to some of the leading questions asked by community members of the Bcash system. You will be able to find just about everything that you are interested in learning surrounding the Bcash cryptocurrency and its functionality.

Bcash (BCASH) is essentially an international project that focuses on the development of a digital currency, one that features advanced technology and is easily accessible for conversion with fees that are extremely cheap. Furthermore, cryptocurrency meets all of the requirements when it comes to popular use cases with global consumption and adoption. It is the first cryptocurrency that is used directly for the process of buying and selling hundreds of thousands of products across a multitude of different categories.
There are numerous advantages that Bcash (BCASH) offers when compared to other projects, such as featuring advanced technology, having low fees, being simple to convert, being used directly for the process of online sales, being integrated into a variety of different platforms and business on a global scale, providing benefits in purchasing and using products, alongside being immediately marketable and featuring a large community of developers.
The states of the projects, which are related to the pre-sale of the coin, are divided into seven stages. First, there's the founder's stage, followed by six stages of the pre-sale Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
At each of the stages, the project progresses and expands, where the coin is sold at a higher price. The earlier a person enters, the better the price of the cryptocurrencies.
There will be two purchase options available to users. First, they can purchase the cryptocurrency through the utilization of the Neptune exchange. Second, they can purchase it at a discounted package by taking advantage of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
If you opt-in towards purchasing the BCASH cryptocurrency through the exchange, it will be at the price through which it is traded within the market, and the coins will become available for immediate use and can be utilized for purchasing products, paying businesses, and for sales at an exchange.
However, if you opt-in towards buying the cryptocurrency through the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), you would get it at a much lower price than the market price. However, the coins will only become available at the end of the ICO period.
At every stage of the project, there is an allocation of total coins for sale. At the end of the sale of all of the coins, the project will move to the next stage. The duration of each of these stages is estimated to be two and a half months.
Yes, the Bcash (BCASH) cryptocurrency can be sold on the Neptune Exchange instantly.
Yes, and anyone is able to view the transactions that occur on top of the blockchain.
Anyone can see all of the records as well as the transactions of the cryptocurrency due to the fact that it is based on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC).
The project's whitepaper is a representation of the roadmap when it comes to the development process of the project. It outlines the technology, ancillary systems, specific goal, regulatory systems, as well as the various processes of the collaborations of external systems that are connected to the project.
There is a maximum supply of 3 billion tokens (3,000,000,000).
Yes. Bcash is a digital currency, which means that anyone can utilize it to purchase products or services on any sales platform or business that is prepared to accept Bcash.
The Bcash project has signed full cooperation with the sales platform known as the Cosmos Market, where tens of thousands of products can be purchased with the Bcash cryptocurrency, where they will then get delivered to the homes of the customers directly.
First, you will need to purchase Bcash (BCASH) coins through the utilization of the Neptune cryptocurrency exchange, where you will then gain access to the shopping platform known as Cosmos Markets.
Here, you will be able to purchase thousands of products and have them delivered to your area of residence.
Purchasing products through the utilization of the Bcash cryptocurrency gives buyers special benefits and discounts.
Each client will receive a client referral link, where every registration that occurs through the link and purchase of an investment project will entitle the client to 15% of the total investment. The reward is then received in the Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency and is available for immediate withdrawal.
The Bcash Pay Credit Card is a futuristic and joint project of the Bcash project and the Neptune exchange, which will be available for free international use, and will be loaded with the Bcash (BCASH) cryptocurrency, where users will be able to convert or withdraw money in any local currency instantly.
The Founders are a group that accepts the partnership and establishes the project's long-term success in exchange for the direct profits generated by the project and its long-term partners.